Tellus began to establish the first market-based spontaneous orderorganization is committed to realizing a decentralized and autonomous platform that combines reforms and practices across organizations and laws on a global scale. TELLUS will practice the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, realize the dream of using blockchain technology to benefit mankind, and continue to promote the development of human society. TELLUS will sponsor these acts like increased energy conservation, recycling and responsible consumption, habitat conservation; and we aim to empowered marginalized groups, revitalized deprived neighborhoods, improved educational attainment, reduced community violence; we also concerns about health and well-being, for example, increased preventive and reduced health risk behaviors, improved access to health care.
The core of is which is the world’s first complete decentralized financial ecosystem, dedicated to the realization of multi-chain finance, integrating decentralized financial services such as cross-chain, lending, oracles, transactions, games, asset management, derivatives, insurance, etc. , Full service to users who use platform. can perform fully decentralized, non-access cross-chain lending and transactions, and provide users with executable transaction prices very efficiently and accurately, provide users with secure asset management and airdrops, and allow users to experience NFT combined with games The charm of finance, as well as the safe, threshold-free decentralized insurance service. will be combined with current mainstream public chains, such as ETH, TRON, EOS, Polkadot, etc., so that users can call protocols to implement DeFi function applications on different public chains. was initiated by (Tellus DAO). Tellus DAO members come from all over the world, technicians come from Google, Microsoft, etc., and others are located in any corner of the world (early blockchain evangelists, blockchain enthusiasts, etc. ), we will all continue to contribute our strengths to the platform firmly and unremittingly to achieve our goals.

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