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Tether is a company that releases stablecoins backed by the US Dollar, Gold, and the Euro. Tether is mostly known for its USDT stablecoin, which is by far the most liquid and well established stablecoin. According to Tether, the USDT is backed by a basket of assets, made up pre-dominantly of US Dollars. The company is often involved in controversies, mostly involving the transparency of its backing of the USDT.


Tether News Ticker

Sep 15 2020 Tether prints 5 Billion USDT in 2 weeks

Apr 23 2020 Is Tether responsible for Bitcoin price manipulations?

Jul 07 2019 New USDT worth $100 Million minted

Jun 01 2019 Bitfinex to launch Tetheron EOS and Lightning Network

Apr 26 2019 Bitfinex uses $850 Million to cover losses

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