The adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow in Latin America

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly adopted in the portfolios of large companies and investors in Latin America. We invite you to know some of the Latin American companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

You can buy a propertie using cryptos in Mercadolibre

The e-commerce giant has opened the possibility of buying or selling real estate on its platform with Bitcoins! There is a section specifically dedicated to the sale and purchase of land, apartments and houses within Argentina in which cryptocurrencies are accepted as a means of payment.

Given the current boom of cryptocurrencies, real estate companies and other players in the sector began to explore and take advantage of the opportunities of this new financial instrument, such as speed, traceability and security. The purchase and sale of real estate is the first service involving cryptocurrencies that Mercado Libre has enabled, which is undoubtedly a big step.

Cryptocurrencies in Mexico

Cryptocurrencies recently suffered a strong collapse but neither companies nor investors are giving up on them. They are considered the technology of the future and more and more companies are accepting them as a means of payment. Aurea Capital is a Mexican company founded in 2013 dedicated to investment and management of real assets. 

The company accepts cryptocurrencies and its founders believe that it is unlikely that Bitcoin will experience a similar fall in the short term. They consider that accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method is only one way to take advantage of their potential in a business, another way is to invest their resources in cryptocurrencies and wait for their appreciation.

Mexico is the third country in Latin America with the highest number of internet users who are familiar with or know and use cryptocurrencies. More than 100 establishments already accept cryptocurrencies, and this number is sure to continue growing.

Globant, one of the latest Argentinian companies to join the trend

Globant is a well-known company dedicated to the development of software and computer programs of Argentine origin. Globant was founded in 2003, and today has several offices in different countries around the world. Thanks to its exponential growth, today it is considered one of the four major companies in this country.

It is considered one of the “Unicorns” of Argentina (emerging companies with a value greater than one billion dollars) along with Olx, Despegar and MercadoLibre. 

Recently it was Globant’s turn to accept cryptocurrencies and it has purchased USD $500,000 in Bitcoin according to the documents it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States. So far this company had not publicly disclosed its actions in the field of cryptocurrencies, nor made investments of this type.

Globant announced the purchase of cryptocurrencies in a filing with the SEC on May 25. This investment in Bitcoins was listed along with licenses, customer contracts and non-compete agreements within the company’s ”intangible assets”.

Cryptocurrencies in Argentina

Within Latin America, competing with countries such as Colombia or Brazil, Argentina occupies an important place within the movement and acceptance of cryptocurrencies, especially with respect to Bitcoin, the model currency. 

Both companies and individuals are increasingly interested in learning about and getting involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially considering that they are the safest and easiest alternative to conventional money, in times of distrust towards banks or crisis.

The adopter’s race has begun

It is surprising to hear that only this year it has decided to make investments in cryptocurrencies, considering that it is one of the last major companies of this type to buy cryptocurrencies or work with them, or because it took so long to announce the intention to invest in digital currencies.

Anyway, this news is not exactly recent. According to the document where this transaction is registered, this investment took place in the first quarter of this year, although we do not know this information.

Cryptocurrencies Adoption in Latin America
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