“The industry has to be regulated,” Emphasized Karthik Iyer at UCIM

“The industry has to be regulated,” Emphasized Karthik Iyer at UCIM

The United Conference of Internet Money, a conference in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space concluded on 27th November in Singapore’s Sentosa Island. With over 300 global delegates, more than 50 of the industry’s top speakers, and 30+ investors, UCIM successfully took its first few steps towards a decentralized future.

Among other keynote speakers like billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, cryptocurrency consultant and researcher Tone Vays, and Zebi CEO Babu Munagala, another name that stood out was Karthik Iyer. Apart from being known for his contribution to P2P Foundation, he is a technology strategist and researcher who has spent over a decade with large open source enterprises.

Iyer’s keynote at UCIM was a mix of everything that enthusiasts want to hear about. From the role and scope of blockchain in real economies to the tokens that have the potential to shape the future and importance of regulatory clarity- he shared deep insights and absolutely unbiased opinion about it all.

While sharing that some of the protocol coins today might not exist in the next five years,  Iyer believes that “there has to be a proper legal structure for this industry to survive in 2019. If not, this industry is going to die out.”

“The security token offering is the need of the hour because it actually brings in a proper regulatory framework; it brings in the laws of these countries where you are doing the STO. And hence, it makes sense for companies that are looking to do an STO,” Iyer added, highlighting the immense scope of STOs.

He also believes that security tokens are the best of both worlds, uniting the tokens of a traditional world with the requisites of the new world to incentivize the investor. At the same time, he paid attention to the necessity of crypto following the “laws of the land.”

“It has to be regulated, it cannot be the wild west, and the only way it is going to happen is through complying to the security laws of the country and creating these tokenized versions of the securities,” shared Iyer.

Given the impact that UCIM created with the constant support from critical ecosystem stakeholders like Karthik Iyer, the conference is hosting another sub-event in Singapore in the month of January. The event Pitcher Perfect will offer a platform to unite select ICOs and high-impact investors under one roof and expects to bridge the wide gap within crypto investment space.

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