The top 5 cryptocurrencies of the week

The Bitcoin Halving week is over. The event took place last week and the Bitcoin price has improved splendidly over the week. Last Sunday the coin was trading at around $8,500 and today BTC price is at $9,702 (+14%). As always, Bitcoin pulled up the average price of altcoins. Here are the top 5 cryptocurrencies of the last week.

1. Electroneum + 122.4%

Electroneum is the cryptocurrency that is looking for mass adoption. Special features are the possible mining with a mobile phoneand Electroneum is at number 68 on Coingecko. According to its website, the network’s energy consumption is equivalent to just a handful of light bulbs. The announcement of 100,000 ETN top-ups could be responsible for the sharp rise in the token price last week.

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2. Unibright +90%

Unibright is a protocol that allows the creation of smart contracts without programming knowledge. Using a drag-and-drop graphical interface, the user can click the smart contracts together and send them to the desired blockchain. The rise of the token price could be due to the release of a video describing new features.

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3.Zilliqa +52%

Zilliqa is a blockchain project that wants to solve the scaling problem using sharding. The validation of the transactions is divided and the Node groups validate part of the blockchain, which increases transaction throughput. A successful advertising campaign on Twitter could be responsible for the strong performance of the project.

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4. OmiseGo + 31.1%

OmiseGo is an Ethereum-based gateway between blockchains with wallet and integrated exchange. OmiseGo is designed to simplify the management and exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Last week, OmiseGo announced the integration of two blockchain technologies. This could be the reason behind a good performance.

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5. Seele+ 23.6%

The Seele is a smart contract platform based on Ethereum code. The most important changes are ASIC resistance and high transaction throughput. According to the project, it is 2,000 per second in the mainnet. The release of key updates could be responsible for the price hike.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies
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