These Binance Altcoins Are Mooning Like Crazy!

We looked at the altcoins that had an IEO (Initial Exchange Offer) on Binance or where Binance is a direct investor. This article covers SXP, BAND, ERD, FET, ONE, GTO, BRD, PERL and BTT.

Band Protocol Price Prediction – where is the Band price heading to?

BAND weekly – Tradingview

Over the last 2 weeks including today, Band Protocol’s price rose over 437%! This puts the RSI in overbought territory, however the MACD is showing no signs of a correction. Nevertheless, this surge should be enjoyed with caution over the short term. The Band price could correct to the 0.382 Fib level around $3.53, and even the golden ratio around $2.50, below which the band price might even find horizontal support between $2.08 – $2.37.

With a market cap of $80 million, Band Protocol is still relatively small. Accordingly, the Band Protocol price has ample room upwards!

Swipe Price Prediction – no resistance in sight!

SXP weekly – Tradingview

Although SXP had no IEO on Binance, Binance appears here as a direct investor. The price of SXP rose by an impressive 276% in a matter of eight days! With a market cap of $115 million, Swipe is also still relatively small.

As long as the swipe token had no correction yet, the swipe price has no resistance for the time being! Therefore it cannot yet be estimated for how much longer this upward trend can carry on uninterrupted.

Elrond Price Prediction – at the golden ratio!

ERD weekly – Tradingview

The Elrond price made impressive gains of 3200%! With this, Elrond has achieved an already impressive market capitalization of $180 million! Currently, however, the Elrond price is facing very strong resistance, namely the golden ratio at ± $0.0146. If Elrond were to be swiftly rejected at this level, it could find support at the 0.3982 Fib level at $ 0.00926, and right below it at the horizontal support between $ 0.0064 – 0.0075.

The MACD is currently still bullish, the RSI however is in overbought regions. It is to be important to observe whether the Elrond price can break through the golden ratio. If it does, it could see it itself moving towards the high of $ 0.0231!

Fetch.AI Price Prediction – at the 50 weeks EMA resistance!

FET weekly – Tradingview

The price of Fetch.AI also recorded enormous gains. The Fetch.AI price has increased by almost 709% in the last three months. Currently, however, the FET price is encountering resistance at the 50 week EMA at $0.05888. If this resistance were to be broken, the next resistance for FET will only be met at ± $0.094 and ± $0.15!

The RSI still has room up, and the MACD lines are still bullishly crossed while the histogram is bullishly moving up!

Harmony Price Prediction – golden crossover and resistances!

ONE daily – Tradingview

Since the bottom in March, the harmony price went up by an impressive 540%. Despite the price being now at a horizontal resistance between $0.0074 – $0.0094, the Fib resistances are further away, being at ± $0.013 and ± $0.02.

Since there is a golden crossover on the daily chart, a continuation of the upward trend is highly possible. However were the price to undergo a correction, it could find support at ± $0.005 and ±$0.004.

Gifto Price Prediction – continuous downward trend with bearish rejection at the golden ratio!

GTO weekly – Tradingview

Ever since entering the market Gifto has been in a steady downwards trend! Now the Gifto price was rejected bearishly at the golden ratio at $0.00927, which lies at the trend line of the descending channel. The Gifto price could find support and bounce off at the 0.382 Fib level at ± $0.0068 or at the golden ratio at $0.00512.

If the Gifto price can break the golden ratio at $0.00927, it might find its next target at ± $0.02 and $0.031.

Bread Price Prediction – no course recovery yet, is there a chance here?

BRD weekly – Tradingview

The Bread price is also in a strong downward trend, but since there has now been a large increase in trading volume, while the RSI is moving at low levels and the MACD lines are bullishly crossed, the Bread price could be heading towards the 0.382 Fib level, which intersects the 50 week EMA and the upper trend line of the descending channel. That would be a target price of $0.196.

Perl Price Prediction – will Perl reach the golden ratio or will it encounter a bearish rejection at the 0.382 Fib level?

PERL daily – Tradingview

The Perl price has risen over 90 percent in the past three weeks. Currently the Perl price is at the 0.382 Fib level at $0.029 and if this price level is broken, the Perl price could rise to the golden ratio at ± $0.041. In the event of a bearish rejection, the Perl price could find support at the 0.382 Fib level at ± $0.025 or the Golden Ratio at ± $0.022.

Bittorent Price Prediction – will Bittorent undergo a correction towards the golden ratio?

BTT weekly – Tradingview

The Bittorent price has now risen over 217 percent and reached resistance between $0.00476 – $0.000628, with the 50 week EMA lying just under it at $0.000456.

Currently, the Bittorent price seems to be correcting to the 0.382 Fib level at ± $0.00035, but if it finds support there and breaks the resistance between $0.00476 – $0.000628, it could move back towards the 0.382 Fib level at ± $0.00081.

Binance Altcoins Mooning
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