Ticino formed to promote blockchain in Switzerland

The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was created to encourage more academic studies and research into blockchain technology in Switzerland

A new group has been formed in Switzerland that is seeking to promote research and support for blockchain companies. The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was created recently by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and the University of Southern Switzerland also known as the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI).

According to an overview of the group, the association will serve as an aggregator of all new and existing initiatives within the blockchain space. The goal of the Ticino group is to support research and academic studies in the blockchain sector, while also supporting companies operating in the industry.

“The association promotes and facilitates innovation and research in the blockchain area, merging public and private sectors, with the sole purpose of spearheading the development of all technologies related to blockchain and decentralised applications,” the blog post added.

According to the group, blockchain has become a hugely significant technology. They believe that similar to the advent of the internet, blockchain technology has the potential to make a direct impact on numerous sectors of the world’s economy.

So far, blockchain technology is making improvements in financial and payment systems, supply chains, business processes, governments and notary businesses. All these are time-consuming processes that will improve with proper research, training, new skills, investments, a change of mindset and experimentation.

SUPSI and the USI are not the only founding members of the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association. Other founding members include: Eligma, Bitcoin.com, Eventboost, Copernicus Holdings, Euronovate, Pangea Blockchain Fund, Poseidon Group, the Quadrans Foundation, the Swiss Blockchain Consortium, Superflat and StrongBlock.io.

The group stated that the growing interest in blockchain technology was key to convincing academia and private companies to begin thinking about launching a centre of excellence for the emerging technology. It also led them to encourage new companies focused on the technology to help them create new skilled jobs.

The non-profit association isn’t only targeting blockchain growth in Switzerland. According to the association’s post, they want to foster organic growth of the blockchain ecosystem in the country and on international levels. Hence, the addition of the international blockchain companies as members of the association would help them drive innovation in Switzerland and beyond.

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