Top 5 Blockchain Gaming Tokens For Savvy Investors!

Blockchain gaming is the new trend in the exciting crypto world. They came into view after the DeFi/NFT mixed trends waxed and waned. It’s the logical step in the evolution of crypto to cover all areas of public interest and gaming reigns supreme with billions of gamers. As always, going with the trend promises great investment and usually returns the best profits. Here, we present the top 5 blockchain gaming projects that should be on your radar.

5. Atari (ATRI) – $117M Marketcap

Remember the company responsible for the creation of the video arcade and modern video gaming industry? That’s Atari. Now, they have a token too. The ATARI token will be used for payment within the interactive entertainment industry, especially the Atari ecosystem on the blockchain. It will facilitate in game monetization and provide gaming assets with value, through smart contracts.

Atari (ATRI) – CoinGecko

4. Exeedme (XED) – $50M Marketcap

Exeedme is a blockchain gaming platform, allowing earnings to be made through game play. It aims to develop a gaming economy, where gamers and game developers both profit through engaging with each other. 

The platform will create a play to earn type mechanism, where players can challenge others and earn tokens. Also, game developers monetize their creations likewise. The XED token is used for governance, participation rewards, staking rewards, tokens and NFT minting etc.

Exeedme XED CoinGecko
Exeedme (XED) – CoinGecko

3. IG Galaxy (IGG) – $11.7M Marketcap

IG Galaxy is another blockchain gaming platform, which offers competitive gaming and esports dynamics. It’s powered by the Ethereum based L2 Polygon Matic network. Here, gamers can play online competitively, earn rewards, built teams and socialize within a massive multiverse! The native token is IG Gold or IGG, used for all platform activities especially rewarding gamers and accessing platform features. 

IG Gold IGG CoinGecko Blockchain Gaming
IG Gold (IGG) – CoinGecko

2. GamyFi Token (GFX) – $5.9M Marketcap

GamyFi is a gaming platform powered by blockchain. It incentivizes gamers to win crypto rewards with their time and skill. Apart from blockchain gaming, it also aims to deliver a robust predictions market and NFT platform. The salient feature of the platform is the hybrid multi layer protocol, a perverse royalty system, distribution of 51% of platform profits to GFX token holders, community driven approach and low fees setup.

GamyFi Token GFX CoinGecko Blockchain Gaming
GamyFi Token (GFD) – CoinGecko

1. DMScript (DMST) -$6M Marketcap

DMScript is a project powering the blockchain gaming economy, especially incubation of the projects related to the field. It features a multitude of projects, which rely on DMST as the primary token. Hence, it accrues value from all projects being developed on the platform. It’s staking, wallet and video game studio are under development. 

The notable projects are Project Higglo – a P2P betting platform focused on esports. Project Holonex – developing a cloud gaming concept allowing latency free gameplay on world’s most favorite titles and offering the ability to stream those games to any device in the world.

Last but not the least, Project Tournet – trying to solve the latency problem for gamers by connection optimization. Project Ubrizy – buying and selling video game titles on the blockchain. Project Tratopia – NFT marketplace. 

DMScript DMST CoinGecko Blockchain Gaming
DMScript (DMST) – CoinGecko
Top 5 blockchain gaming
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