Top 5 NFT Art Collections

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are giving birth to a new form of art market, this time a digital one on the blockchain. Blockchains are incredibly good at maintaining proof of ownership and verification of rarity, both things essential to art. The NFT art collections have gathered significant value, in a short period of time. So, what are the top NFT art collections by overall trade volume?

5. Rarible – Overall Trading Volume (ETH 23,443 or $9.6M)

An NFT platform, Rarible allows users to create and sell digital collectibles on the blockchain. Beside, being a leading NFT marketplace, it also hosts the art collections from artists and collectors. It also has it’s governance token called RARI and a liquidity mining program.The overall trading volume of all art on the platform is ETH 23,443 ($9.6M) which ranks it number five on the list.

Top 5 NFT Art Collections rarible
Rarible – Landing Page

4. MyCryptoHeroes – Overall Trading Volume (ETH 26,892 or $11M)

A superhero game, MyCryptoHeroes allows players to manage, train and acquire superheros of the world. They are represented as NFT collectibles on the blockchain. Since the game’s inception, the overall trading volume has been ETH 26,892 ($11M), placing it number four on the top art collections list.

Top 5 nft art collections mycryptoheroes
MyCryptoHeroes – Open Sea

3. CryptoCelebrities – Overall Trading Volume (ETH 32,761 or $13.4M)

The popular legacy NFT projects, CryptoCelebrities allows users to collect and trade world celebrities collectibles on the blockchain. It’s immensely popular and the cards carry a high price. The collection usually features powerful and influential people. CryptoCelebrities has done an overall trading volume of ETH 32,761 ($13.4M), placing it number three on the list.

top 5 nft art collections
CryptoCelebrities – OpenSea

2. Decentraland – Overall Trading Volume (ETH 49,713 or $20.3M)

Decentraland is a digital sims-like platform, that allows users to create and experience virtual reality. The users can purchase plots of land (non-fungible unique digital assets) that they can build. It includes the record of the location, owner, content description and access controls. The platform has accumulated an overall trading volume of ETH 49,713 ($20.3M)

top 5 nft art collection decentraland
Decentraland – Random Place

1. CryptoKitties – Overall Trading Volume (ETH 63,688 or $26.1M)

The first, original and wildly famous, there’s no surprise that CryptoKitties is still number one on the list with an overall trading volume of ETH 63,688 ($26.1M). For those who aren’t aware, it allows users to breed unique cyber-cat collectibles on the blockchain. The salient feature is that each digital pet is unique to the person breeding it and there are no duplicates.

top 5 nft art collections cryptokitties
CryptoKitties – OpenSea

What Are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique tokenized digital assets, which aren’t exchangeable 1:1 with each other. NFTs can be art, collectible cards, a person’s time or services, game items, domains etc. In this article however, we will focus mostly on the art side of things. NFTs can be art, collectible cards, a person’s time or provided services, game items, domains etc and in short, all tokenizable real virtual “assets”.

Top 5 NFT art collections
Top 5 NFT art collections© Cryptoticker
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