TradingView Introduces a New Crypto Dashboard and Receives Bitcoin as a Payment Method

TradingView,  the leading charting platform worldwide, has recently launched its unique Crypto Dashboard, allowing traders to check the current trends in the crypto markets. Furthermore, the company also added Bitcoin (BTC) as one of the payment options with a special 0.09 BTC per year promotion (a 50% discount).

The new Dashboard offers advanced trading tools

The platform is known for providing real-time data regarding stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The new dashboard will present data from over 25 leading crypto exchanges. TradingView’s goal is to provide traders and investors with all the necessary tools and information in one place.

The new Dashboard will provide information such as variety of technical indicators per chart, unlimited chart layouts, over 200 server-side alerts, and the ability to work on multiple devices simultaneously.

The campaign is called “To the Moon with TradingView,” and the company hopes to maintain its position of firsthand data for active cryptocurrency traders.

BTC Shorts. Chart by TradingView

Bitcoin as a new payment option on TradingView

As mentioned, the platform has also added the ability to purchase an annual membership via Bitcoin, with the subscription price being low as 0.09 BTC per year, which is a 50% discount.

The price will stay pegged to Bitcoin, meaning that a drop in BTC price will act as a discount on the subscription. It should also be noted that an increase in BTC price would mean that the cost of the subscription will become more expensive (dollar-wise).

By choosing the premium plan, traders will unlock additional features, such as alerts that may be sent via email, text messages, or push notifications for both desktop and the TradingView app.

The move is also significant as TradingView currently has over three million monthly active users. While the platform will likely attract additional attention in the crypto community following the Dashboard’s launch, it may also inspire a number of investors to “go crypto.” Whether or not this happens, the addition of BTC as a payment option is yet another use case for the coin, and another step towards mass adoption.

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