TRON’s Founder Justin Sun: Bitcoin is an Excellent Investment Opportunity for The Younger Generations

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, has shared his view on the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general.

Speaking on CNBC, Justin Sun said that he thinks the future of cryptocurrencies is “very promising right now.” According to the young entrepreneur, major institutional involvement of big-name players such as JPMorgan Chase with their stablecoin dubbed “JPM Coin”, as well as the fact that social media giant Facebook is also reportedly considering its own stablecoin, is what makes the future of cryptocurrencies bright.

Very Good Opportunity For Younger Generations

Discussing on whether he sees Bitcoin as an investment vehicle or as a business idea, Sun outlined that Bitcoin “is a technology rather than a business opportunity.” According to him, layer two scaling solutions such as the Bitcoin Lightning Network are why we are “facing the next wave of the internet.”

Tron’s founder also outlined that he thinks Bitcoin is a “very good opportunity for younger generations”, despite the fact that major investment proponents such as Warren Buffet dislike it.

Sun’s current position does seem to fall in line with what he said in another recent interview. In late February, he said that he thinks Bitcoin will fluctuate between $3,000 and $5,000 throughout 2019. However, he was also optimistic that the cryptocurrency has already bottomed and that its current levels are its “absolute low.” He also said that he thinks the bear market is over.

Don’t Forget to Shill

Speaking on the matter of mass adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies, Justin Sun took the opportunity to praise his own projects. Shocking.

“I think, basically, right now the biggest opportunity is the mass adoption. For example […] the cryptocurrency we are introducing into the BitTorrent network, one of the largest file transfering networks in the world. We have over 100 million monthly active users in over 178 countries. I think lots of the companies like Facebook will also bring a lot of people to the industry as well.” – Sun said.

Commenting on TRON’s current market cap and its position as the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the industry, Sun kept it modest, saying that he thinks the valuation is just the surface of the business, while he’s focused on business development and technology.

His actions of recently do seem to back this up. Apart from conducting a massively successful token sale of BitTorrent, TRON recently announced that Tether will be launching a TRC20-based version of the USDT stablecoin.

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