Upland: Trump Tower up for Auction on Election Day!

Upland is one of the most popular blockchain games at the moment, and continues to see stellar growth. One of the reasons behind its popularity is, among other things, the variety and spontaneous campaigns in the virtual real estate game. For example, Upland will put the Trump Tower up for auction on Tuesday November the 3rd, right in time for the presidential election in the USA.

No, not the real Trump Tower of course. Upland is a parallel world that virtually represents the real world. Players can buy land, which they will verifiably own (NFT), earn real money, and network with other players. You can find out more about the game here. Initially only San Francisco was playable, but once the game proved to be a success New York was added in the summer and land was gradually unlocked.

On Monday, November 2nd at 18:00 CET, the last parcels of Manhattan real estate will be unlocked. In total there will be about 41,000 plots of land in Manhattan of which about 4,700 have already been published. Like everywhere else, the early bird catches the worm in Upland. The hottest plots will not be available for long, so you have to be quick in order to get what you want.

Special plots that will be auctioned soon

On Monday, November 2 at 9pm CET Barack Obama’s Home (142 W 109th St) will be auctioned.

On Tuesday, November 3 at 2:00 CET the auction of the Federal Hall (142 W 109th St) will start.

And on the same day at 10pm CET the Trump Tower will finally be auctioned off.

Today, Upland will publish more information on the subject and announce the starting prices.

Here’s how it works

Registration is required within the Upland app. Registrations will open up on Sunday starting 8pm CET. While registration is possible until 30 minutes before the auction on Tuesday 21:30 CET), you have to register at least 30 minutes before the auction on Monday to participate in it (19:30 CET). You only need to register once to participate in both the Monday and Tuesday auctions.

The registration includes a deposit of 50,000 UPX, Upland’s in-game currency, which will be refunded on Tuesday after both auctions are finished. This is to ensure that all participants are serious bidders.

The auctions will take place in the #Auctions channel of the Upland Discord. You must join this channel to participate in the auction. Only registered players are allowed to respond to the bids, but all players can join the channel and watch. Your Upland username must match your Discord username (so people can find you and add you to the channel).

If at least 1 player meets the bid, the price will be increased by 100,000-200,000 UPX, and the increment will gradually be smaller as the auction progresses. A member of the upland team will publish the next bid price.

This will be repeated until there is no more interested party accepting the increased bid. The player has then won the auction and is given a limited time to buy the auctioned item. The object is unlocked for the winner and the price is set to the price of the successful bid. The winning bidder must be willing to buy all the UPX necessary to make the successful bid.

To be able to place a bid, a registered player must enter the last auction price directly in the #Auction channel and add the emoji “100”. If you are among the first 3 highest bids (in both auctions), you will receive the auction badge.

Click here to go to Upland’s Discord server. You can find more information here. Enjoy!

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