Video Director of Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ Wants To Buy Bitcoin’s Dip


Renowned pop-star music video director Joseph Kahn recently revealed that trading cryptocurrencies has been his hobby for the last month.

World-Famous Video Director Says He Is Trading Crypto

In a recent post on his personal Twitter profile, Kahn shared that he has been into his new hobby for a month now, and is even already making small profits of about $2 to $3 at a time, gaining a grand total of $450. Despite earning relatively small earnings, the video director says he is genuinely open to any useful advice on Bitcoin and various digital currencies in general from the crypto society.

Furthermore, Khan has also posted a screenshot with his recent portfolio, valued at $7,949, adding that he has been gaining a 6% profit, after investing some $7,500 at the beginning of his crypto career a month ago.

Joseph Kahn’s Crypto Portfolio. Source: Joseph Kahn Twitter

“I’m mostly cashed out right now with orders to buy bitcoin and ethereum on a downswing. If anyone has any ideas on crypto I’m open.”, wrote in his twitter post Kahn.

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Actors And Other Pop Stars Involved in Crypto

Kahn is a Grammy-award winner video creator and has been working with a lot of the famous names in pop-culture nowadays, including Eminem, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, 50 Cent, Kylie Minogue, and many others (some of them also connected with crypto trading as well). In fact, he won his first Grammy for Eminem’s “Without Me” music video. 

One of the most interesting stories is that of 50 Cent. The popular rapper allowed people to buy his album using bitcoins back in 2014, only to remember about it later in 2018 when its price was substantially higher.

Other popular names from the show business who have recently been connected to crypto trading, showing their interests in the industry include the well-known Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher (through his venture capital firm Sound Ventures) and famous YouTube celebrity Michelle Phan.

At the beginning of May 2020, both of them announced an investment in the E-commerce start-up platform Lolli.  Lolli gives users the opportunity to earn bitcoin while spending money on a variety of goods online. These include purchasable brand items by Nike, TOMS, GAP, Sephora, Bloomingdales, and many more.


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