Where to buy Enzyme: MLN enjoying bullish resurgence

Enzyme Finance (MLN), the decentralised investment strategy aggregator, is climbing back towards previous highs. We’ve found the best places to buy MLN for you.

Enzyme Finance has gained over 40% on the day, and has rallied just short of 75% this week. The protocol allows users to crowd-source investment strategies and has the potential to decentralise the asset management industry, potentially moving it on-chain in the long run.

Read on to find out the best places to buy MLN tokens, as well as learning more about Enzyme Finance and where it is headed.

How & where to buy Enzyme in the UK and elsewhere

Enzyme Finance (MLN) tokens can be purchased easily. You can sign up with one of the brokers or exchanges we have shortlisted below and start trading cryptocurrency today.

Decentralised exchanges, commonly known as “DEXs”, are a popular option with many traders these days, but we advise avoiding these wherever possible. This is because DEXs are largely unregulated platforms, meaning that regulatory bodies have little oversight or power to protect investors here.


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What is Enzyme?

Enzyme is an on-chain asset management solution. But what does this mean? In short, Enzyme allows users to compile investment strategies from across the DeFi ecosystem. This could include liquidity providers, yield farming, decentralised insurance policies, vaults, and many of the other innovative products available in the space.

This essentially aggregates all possible investment strategies into one place, allowing users to pick from a range of different options, curated for them based on their profit goals and risk tolerance. This model has the potential to overtake traditional finance’s (TradFi) centralised model, where investors must choose from a centrally approved list of institutional investment products like ETFs and mutual funds.

Should I buy Enzyme today?

Enzyme is a potential investment opportunity at the moment. It has managed a 40% rally over the last day and is up by more than 70% this week. It’s still a long way off its all-time high, though, and has room to grow further.

DeFi is maybe the fastest growing sector in crypto, and DeFi enthusiasts are extremely excited about the opportunities surrounding protocols like Enzyme. There is a clear picture forming of how applications like Enzyme could genuinely reshape the financial world, and as such MLN may represent a means with which to own part of the future financial infrastructure.

With the current price of MLN at $105.37, Enzyme has a long way to go to reclaim its all-time high of $258.26, which was set in 2018. However, if the bull market continues, and DeFi continues to suck in more and more capital, there is arguably a strong case to be made for investing in MLN.

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