Where to Buy Galaxium token – Volume Spike Pushes Up Price by 362%

Price rise of 362% in 24 hours gives a new lease of life to Galaxium.

Glaxaium has seen its trading volume increase by 203% in just the last 24 hours, according to data collected by Coinmarketcap.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Galaxium is designed to be “A DeFi global payment solution built on lightning fast open source code providing safe, secure, and seamless transactions with bulletproof Smart Chain technology.”

The developers have implemented a payout mechanism that automatically pays them 10% of the proceeds whenever a purchase is made. This allows them to continue receiving funds throughout the project’s development. The developers have this to say on the project, saying that Galaxium is “not just another crypto currency, but a token that will bring fundamental changes to many people and causes near and far. An incredible amount of thought and effort has culminated in a concept and scale never before seen in the crypto currency world. We’re hypersensitive to the fact that crypto is changing the financial landscape for the better, and we’ve harnessed that energy and created a powerful vision for tomorrow.”

Where to buy Galaxium


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Who is buying Galaxium right now?

With the increase in trading volume, it is clear that some traders are buying Galaxium.

A note on the company’s website warns users not to buy Galaxium as they are “currently migrating”, despite this, some traders are continuing to buy into the project.

If the price continues to grow and manages to gain support up to its past all time high earlier this month, Galaxium could be worth over 100 up from its current price level.

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