With Paymium exchange you will be paid for every trade

Starting this week, Paymium, the world’s first bitcoin exchange launched in 2010, introduces negative trading fees. Market makers, i.e., traders who place limit orders, receive a refund of 0.1% on their order size for every transaction. In other words, they are paid for trading.

-0.1% fee on all maker orders

People can hardly believe this, but they will literally pay no fees. At Paymium, traders will pay no fees, but they will also receive a 0.1% cashback directly into their Paymium account for each of their trades. Takers, i.e., traders who serve orders, continue to pay trading fees, namely 0.5% of the order size.

Paymium’s maker fees are the most rewarding of the market

Very few platforms have had the nerve to adopt such an offer. And those who do consider this an exclusive reward for customers who trade huge volumes of BTC. Paymium is radically transforming the cryptocurrency landscape by offering negative fees to all of its customers who place a limit order.

Paymium supports Cryptocurrency Adoption

Paymium campaigns for cryptocurrency recognition and adoption. The platform has maintained its position in Europe to secure a more stable environment for its customers’ investments, even though central banks try everything to prevent crypto development. With this announcement, Paymium has displayed that low fees are also possible in the crypto market in Europe.

About Paymium

Launched in 2010, Paymium is the world’s first Bitcoin exchange platform. Since 2018, the company has developed and operates the Blockchain.io platform, a marketplace dedicated to the trading of crypto-assets for individuals and investors. Paymium, which has more than 220,000 customers, is a Paris-based company supported by Newfund and Kima Ventures investment funds.

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