YF Link Price Analysis: YFL Price aims to hit $700?

The YF LINK or YFL token was launched on August the 7th and it combines the LINK token with the avidly popular YFI liquidity mining mechanics. Now, the YFL price is showing strong growth in the past 24 hours. At the time of writing this article, the YFL price is sitting at $607.04 and its price has been increased by almost +13.56% in the last 24 hrs. On the other hand, the YFL price against USDT is sitting at 595 USDT. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.


YF Link Price Analysis: YFL Price and the Key Metrics

YFL Price Analysis Daily – Tradingview
YFL Price Analysis Daily YFL/USDT – Tradingview

Now, at the moment if we closely observe the YFL/USDT 1D chart, then we will find that from the past 30 days the YF Link price has been decreased by almost 11% but in the last 24 hrs it is again showing bullish momentum and now the crucial resistance could be at 695.321. This could indicate that the YF Link price is aiming to touch $700 and it could easily do so. The market capitalization of YF Link is $29,229,074.89 and at the time of writing this, the 24 hr trading volume is sitting at $3,242,041. The key metrics are as follows:

  • Price $607.04
  • 24hr Change +13.56%
  • 24hr Vol $3,242,041
  • 1Hr Low / 1Hr High $582.24 / $635.09

YF Link Price Analysis: What could be YFL Price Next Stop?

YFL Price Analysis Hourly – Tradingview
YFL Price Analysis Hourly YFL/USDT – Tradingview

Considering how significant this 24 hr price increase is, it’s difficult to accurately determine where the next stop for YF Link is, however, looking at the chart, we can more or less think about $700 first which would create a significant psychological level.

The most important red flags for the bulls in the short-term could be to dissipate the 12-EMA, accompanied by a clear decline of the 26-EMA and bearish correction. As long as the bulls can keep one of these 2 EMAs, they could be at no risk. Now, if we closely look at the hourly chart then we will find that Bill William’s 3 lines or the Alligator Technical Indicator are not intertwined. This could indicate that the lines are not going to sleep. So, this could once again push for price growth but the YFL price must touch the $700 mark first.

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