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Yearn or YFI is the governance token of DeFi project yearn.finance, a yield farming protocol based on Etehreum. Yearn.Finance was launched by Anders Cronje in 2020 and offers a selection of financial services. The main service is automated yield farming, that invests the depositor’s assets into the highest yield returning projects. Yearn.finance also offers insurance among other products and is under constant development.


YFI News Ticker

Sep 29 2020 yearn.finance deploys NFT venture Eminence, gets exploited within hours

Sep 01 2020 yearn.finance to offer ETH deposits

Aug 31 2020 Can YFI reach $1,000,000?

Aug 19 2020 YFI hits $12,800, briefly overtakes Bitcoin as most expensive cryptocurrency

Aug 19 2020 DeFi Approaches $6.5 Billion TVL! Here Are The Top 5 Emerging Protocols

Aug 11 2020 The 5 most expensive cryptocurrencies in the Top 100

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