YouHodler First to Add Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV


[Limassol, Cyprus 22, January 2019] – FinTech platform YouHodler recently announced their support of both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), making them the first platform to do so in their respective industry. Rising from the aftermath of 2018’s “crypto winter,” YouHodler seeks to make the loan process faster and more affordable than their competitors and accessible for crypto investors everywhere.

Following the Bitcoin Hash War in November 2018, supporters of both BCH and BSV went their separate ways. YouHodler saw this as a prime opportunity to offer a unique feature that other platforms lack. Currently, users can choose both BCH and BSV (along with BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC and more) as collateral options on YouHodler’s platform, making them the first to do so in their industry. This allows “hodlers” of both coins to get cash for their crypto now, while both BCH and BSV discover their utility and place in the market. Once users pay back the loan, they get their crypto back.

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Aside from offering the most options, YouHodler also features the highest loan-to-value ratio on the market (80%), making them more accessible and affordable than competitors. Founder and CEO Ilya Volkov had this to say about the new BCH and BSV additions:

“We are happy to welcome BCH and BSV hodlers to our platform which allows them to hedge their crypto portfolio until stabilisation and further growth of prices occurs. Simultaneously, we are excited to create a new utility for these coins. We believe that the more utility any coins has, the more value it brings to its users and also, the entire community.”

YouHodler is a crypto backed lending platform that allows users to request an instant cash loan in EUR or USD while using their crypto as collateral. With no minimum monthly payments, no hidden fees and more cryptocurrency as collateral options than anyone else in the industry, YouHodler’s unique and innovative technology makes the loan process instant and affordable.

If you would like to learn more about YouHodler, please email Ivan Kv at [email protected] or visit them at

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